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Evening Show of Sichuan Opera

tour photoThe best place to see Sichuan Opera is Shufengyayun Operatic Circle, which is located in Chengdu Culture Park on Qingtai Road. This stage is inside Green-Ram Abbey, the famous Taoist temple. In keeping with the Old West Shu style, the building is of primitive simplicity. The hall has functioned for over a hundred years and now attracts distinguished performers from across Sichuan Province who hold China Sichuan Opera performances each evening. This daily show continues to spread the traditional art to a new generation and keep the historic culture alive.
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Sichuan Opera is a kind of Chinese tradition opera popular in eastern and central Sichuan, Chongqing and Guizhou and parts of Yunnan. Sichuan Opera perfect blend of local dialect along with the customs, folk music, and dances from other regions. It has a long history, save a lot of excellent traditional repertoire, and a wealth of superb music and the performing arts.
There are three distinct features in Sichuan Opera, Changing Faces, Spitting Fire, and Rolling Light. Sichuan Opera Mask and Changing Faces are the most unique performing arts of Sichuan Opera, appearing almost magical to enthralled audiences. During the performance, the performers switch masks lightning fast to portray different characteristics and personalities of the characters.
Spitting Fire is yet another distinctive characteristic of Sichuan Opera. It is performed flawlessly in the Legend of White Snake, a key story that is a cornerstone of Sichuan Opera. The skill is hard to master, but when perfected is both entertaining and astonishing.
Sichuan Opera has a very unique position in the history of Chinese opera and Sichuan Opera is of great value in Sichuan cultural, arts, history, folklore and other aspects. Sichuan Opera has beed approved in the list of the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage by the State Council. (/)
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