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Li River Bamboo Rafting Tour

tour photoThe round trip Yangdi - Nine Horse Mural Hill - Yangdi motorized bamboo rafting goes from Yangdi to Xingping River is the essence of the Li River. Your will enjoy the most beautiful part of Li River on a 6 seat bamboo raft. And then our tour bus will take you to Yangshuo. End of the day tour service. This is an excellent, relaxing and budget way to see the amazing views on the Li River.
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Tour Type : Seat in coach, Guilin Bus tour
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Trip Itinerary & Travel Details

Our guide and tour bus will pick you up at about 10:00-10:25 am from your hotel in Guilin and then transfer you to Yangdi pier, about 50 km away from downtown Guilin. The Li River bamboo fafting from Yangdi to Nine Horse Mural Hill is very relaxing and enjoyable. You will enjoy the most beautiful part of Li River.
The Yangdi Pier is at Yangdi Village, a very famous scenic area. There are quite a lot to see on the motorized bamboo rafting from Yangdi to Xingping.
Langshi Scenery
It is one of the majestic scenic spots along Li River. Langshi means the rocks washed by the waves. The motor raft will pass by this simple and primitive village. You may find the local women are washing their clothes by the bank of Li River and children are indulging themselves with playing in water. The mist and smoke is a spectacle on the Lijiang River. The famous Big Yellow Hill, Writing-brush Peak, Pen Rack Hill, Lion Hill, Guanyin Hill, White Rabbit Hill, Golden Cock Mountain etc are all located in the area.
Yellow Cloth Shoal
It is the best place to see the reflections of the mountain scenery along the Li River. And the scenery is very beautiful at the Yellow Cloth Shoal. The cliffs are steep and the river becomes wide and calm. There are elegant and graceful peaks in various shapes and sizes along the banks of the Li River. Yellow Cloth Shoal scenery is a must-see of tourists as well as professional photographers.
Nine Horse Mural Hill
It is the most famous scenery on the Li River that you should never miss. The hill is speckled with multicolors, like a painting of nine horses. Hence the name Nine Horse Mural Hill.
Xingping Town
Xingping town is the oldest town in Yangshuo, and it is one of the four biggest ancient town in Guangxi province in history. The layout and design of the town is full of science and wisdom, the surrounding scenery in Xingping is also the most beautiful one.
You will disembark at Yangdi after the wonderful motorized bamboo rafting on the Li River. And then our tour bus will take you to Yangshuo. End of the day tour service. (/)
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