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Yangshuo Cooking Class

tour photoSpecial Yangshuo tour program: Yangshuo Cooking Class will introduce traditional Chinese cooking skills. Yangshuo cooking class offers you the opportunity to learn how to cook real local food. Their skilled and friendly teachers who speak fluent English would love to impart the stories and secrets of Chinese cuisine to you in a friendly fun atmosphere.
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They emphasize a teaching style based on actually doing rather than watching. You will be taken to the local markets to learn about the ingredients that will use in the dishes. In the kitchen, each one of you will have an individual wok and bench, learning by doing.
The five dishes you will learn from the cooking teacher: beer fish (famous local dish), chicken with cashew nuts, steamed stuffed vegetables, eggplant with soy and oyster sauce, green vegetables with garlic. After cooking five dishes you will eat the meal together and informally explore Chinese culture and customs. You also can exchange your dishes with each other, see whose works are the orthodox Chinese-style food. (L)
•Learn basic knowledge about Chinese cuisine
•Understanding the eight styles of Chinese cooking
•Learn about typical Chinese foods
•Visit different restaurants to see how Chinese food is made
•Cook a Chinese dish and let your friends have a taste of your work
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Yangshuo Cooking Class
  • Yangshuo Cooking Class
  • Yangshuo Cooking Class
  • Yangshuo Cooking Class
  • Yangshuo Cooking Class
  • Yangshuo Cooking Class

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