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Xishuangbanna's Captivating Local Dainties

Xishuangbanna's Dai cate is renowned in Yunnan food, Dais' daily main courses are sticky rice, sour taste dish, roast meat and aquatic products, cooked with wilding flavors, the Dais' food has particular ethnic feature. In the night fair, Banna's delicacies are numerous, including: pineapple rice, fragrant bamboo rice, crab meat ball, sour ant eggs baked banana-leaf packed fish, cobble delicious fish soup, charbroiled fish/chicken with citronella, boiled small corn small corn rod, deep-fried lichen, etc. Visitors can taste local ethnic delicacies while appreciating downtown Jinghong night piece.

Pineapple Rice
Hollow out a pineapple with peel, put into purple rice and pineapple flesh, and cook it in the rice steamer. This dish is sweet but not greasy, with the food therapy of enriching the blood and moistening lung.

Charbroiled Fish with Citronella
Scale and clean the fish, put into the fish belly with the mixed flavor of chopped-up shallot, ginger, garlic, green millet spicy, coriander and salt, and bundle the fish with 2-3 pieces of citronella, charbroil it cooked, it tastes sweet-smelling, tender and crisp.

Baked Banana-leaf Packed Fish
Scale and clean the fish, put into fish belly with the mixed flavor of hot pepper, salt and other flavors, pack it with a piece of banana leaf, bury it under live charcoal and bake it cooked.

Fragrant Bamboo Rice
Put washed sticky rice into the fragrant bamboo tube and toast it on live charcoal, the bamboo tube blows when moisture is drying, and smooth and the white rice is mouthwatering.

Charbroiled Chicken with Citronella
The cooking method is similar with that for charbroiled fish with citronella, kill and clean the chicken, put mixed flavor into its belly, bundled with citronella, charbroil it cooked, it tastes savory and hot.

Banna Small Corn Rod
Sweet Banna small corn rod can be renowned as the top brand in Xishuangbanna's local products. Because of its wonderful mouth feel and rich nutrition, the small corn rod is very popular in visitors at home and abroad. Boiled corn rods are sold in streets and lanes, the sweet and crisp delicacy makes everyone tasting it feel the aftertaste.

Long-table feast
The featured food "Long-table feast everyone" in the virgin forest park combined with the Dai ethnic barbecue and snake, blending ethnic food in natural rain forest environment. Circulating during the feast, with the touching and dulcet performances, ethnic singers and dancers express their blessings to guests from afar.

Daijiangna Int'l Delicacy and Bar Street
Located between the old and new bridges, the street is the main part of the integrative project of "Daijiangnan" large-scaled riverbank commercial and residential region for leisure and amusement, made up of 18 buildings beside the river, it's the top-grade leisure and consumption mall built depending on beautiful rivers cape and plaza night piece. Visitors can experience the romantic nightlife by tasting Southeast Asian cate and enjoying pub culture.,
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