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Yangtze River Cruise ship--Jiang Shan

The ship has a total length of 74 meters, a width of 1 3 6metters and 4 decks with total capacity of 400 passengers. It is furnished with environment-friendly fire proof materials and is fully equipped with life-saving amenities. All rooms are carpeted and equipped with private bathroom, TV with satellite programs and central air conditioning.
Onboard amenities include a pleasant sun deck, chess/card room, sightseeing corridor, multifunctional lounge, barber's shop, massage room, cafe, entertainment, fitness center, gift kiosk. Our experienced and professional crews are always willing to provide with warm and quality services.

Interior of Jiangshan
Ballroom, KTV, parlor, conference room, cafe chess and card room in multifunction lounge, 370 square meters sun deck, bar on the sightseeing deck, barber's shop, gift shop massage room all contribute to make your stay onboard as memorable and pleasant as possible.,
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