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China Language

The standard Mandarin is the official language in China or Taiwan and also one of the official languages of Singapore. In addition to the national standard spoken language in China, every region and locality has their own dialects. so if people they from far distance areas,and they talk in their local dialects,they cant understand each other at all.

There are totally two standards for Chinese characters,One is the traditional system, still used in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau. The other is the simplified system adopted during the 1950s new China(after liberation).

Totally there are about 70,000 Chinese characters and an average person has to know only about 3,000 characters to be able to read the newspaper. In secondary schools the number of characters taught is 5,000.China has more than 1.3billion population, approximately 95 percent can speak Chinese.

Chinese culture and politics has had a great influence on unrelated languages such as Korean, Vietnamese, and Japanese. Korean and Japanese both have writing systems employing Chinese characters (Hanzi), which are called Hanja and Kanji, respectively.

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