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Xian Muslim Restaurant and Halal Foods

When Xian was the Chinese capital city in the Tang Dynasty (907-618), Islam was officially introduced to China due to the trade on the Silk Road. Xian was one of the first cities in China where Arabian traders settled down and formed their community with mosques and Halal restaurants established. It is said that Marco Polo visited Xian where he went to the Muslim quarter and learnt the technique of making Chinese Pizza and brought this technique back to Italy. Since the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the Muslim Community had been formed at the present location which is to the Northwest of Drum Tower.

There are no precise statistics about Muslim population in Xian, but it is said bout 80,000 Muslim Hui people concentrated aound the Muslim quarter.

Muslim quarter is a fascinating area where you can find exotic food, interesting people (some of the residents are still look like their Arabian cousins) and great souvenir stalls. You can taste many authentic Islamic snacks, like beef or mutton Rou Jia Mo (Chinese Hamburger), northwestern style noodles, Yangrou Paomo and many other attractive snacks.

Xian Muslim Restaurant and Halal Foods
Xian Muslim Restaurant and Halal Foods

Xian Muslim Restaurant and Halal Foods
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