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Dumpling stuffed with Hot Gravy

(Dumpling stuffed with Hot Gravy) Jiasan Guantangbao is one of the famous local Xian Muslim food treat. Jiasan was the name of the cheif who firstly made the this dumpling. Until now his family-run dumpling restaurant still open for the dumpling lovers.

Xian Muslim food

Jiasan Guantangbao are the dumplings are the paper-thin dumpling sealed.With piping-hot soup and meat balls inside these dumplings are delightfully juicy. So let them cool before testing your chopstick skills. Normally three kind of stuffed materials beef, lamb, or "three flavors" -- lamb, mushroom, and prawn are served with different taste. For most of locals this dumplings is the best washed down withba bao tian xifan,a sweet rice porridge filled with peanuts, sultanas, hawthorn, and medlar berries.

Jiasan Guantangbao Restaurant has several restaurants in the town. You can find one of them in the Muslim Quarter near Damaishi.

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