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Beef and Mutton Soup with Shredded Cake (Yangrou Paomo)

Beef and Mutton Soup with Shredded Cake (Yangrou Paomo)
Most of Xian Muslim food are at Muslim street, Beef and Mutton Soup maybe most famous among them. Beef and Mutton Soup with Shredded Cake (Yangrou Paomo) is one of the signature dishes of Xi'an. With its fragrance few people come to Xian without trying it.

Beef and Mutton Soup with Shredded Cake is the common food for local Muslim. Especially having a bowl of mutton soup on a freezing street in winter is the best thing to do in the world.

There is a particular way of eating the Shredded Cake. You will face an empty bowl and two steamed buns. You are supposed to tear the buns into tiny pieces and pop them into the empty bowl. Once you have prepared their bread, the chef will pour hot lamb soup over it. When you have finished the bread, the chef will refill your bowl with mutton soup. Usually this dish comes with sweet crisp cloves of garlic, coriander and plates of chili. They are for refreshing your mouth after greasy mutton soup.

Xian Muslim food

Lao Sun Jia restaurant has the reputation of making best Yangrou Maopo in Xian. So this restaurant is recommended to sample this most famous celebrated dish.

If you would want to have some real life experience try some restaurant in Muslim Quarter they also provide authentic Yangrou Paomo.

Edited by Maggie Meng,
Author/Editor By : HCT