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The best tour time in Shanghai

Shanghai is the subtropics oceanity monsoon climate. The main climate characteristic is: Spring is warm, the summer is burning hot, autumn is cool, winter is cloudy and cold, annual rainfall is moderate, the season assignment is quite even. The generally speaking is temperate moist, the four seasons are distinct.

The highest temperature of Shanghai is June and July two months. June and July are the "plum rain season", characterized by gloomy and rainy weather. From late August till early September, Shanghai is frequented by typhoons and rainstorms, but they rarely cause any considerable damage. When traveling in Shanghai during these periods, please prepare umbrellas or raincoats.

Spring (March to May) is warm and pleasant, bloomy spring, is the best tourist season, very suitable for spring outing or traveling.

Summer in Shanghai is very hot and humid, with July and August having the highest temperatures. Typhoons and sudden heavy rains frequent during summer. From the end of August to the middle of September is the the season which the typhoon sends, always have torrential downpour. These two time intervals certainly to have to bring the good parasol-cum-umbrella when traveling Shanghai, but it is burning hot in this time climate, the umbrella also may serve as the visor to evade the sun. The Shanghai sunrise sunset is: Winter solstice 6:49 sunrise, 16:57 sunset, summer solstice 4:50 sunrise, 19:01 sunset.

Autumn (September to November) is one of the best times of the year for visiting Shanghai. The weather is generally sunny and dry. This is also the best time for eating crabs in Shanghai.

Winter in Shanghai is characterized by bitingly cold north wind and heavy humidity. Nighttime temperatures often drop well below zero, but it rarely snows. The coldest period is at the end of January to the beginning of February, usually during the Chinese Spring Festival.

There are four national holiday periods in China which you will want to take into account as you plan your travel. Spring Festival is Chinese New Year (travel one week before and one to two weeks after is very busy). QingMing is the first few days of April. May 1-3 is the Labor Day holiday, and finally, Oct. 1-7 is National Week, commemorating the founding of the PRC. During these periods hundreds of millions of Chinese travel inside the country. Trains and buses are usually sold out well in advance. Flights are usually ok, but discounts are fewer. Upper-end hotels are quite empty with bargains to be found, as all business-to-business activity comes to a halt. No expense-account travel occurs. Lower cost Chinese hotels, however, may be sold out. At popular tourist destinations, such as Hangzhou south of Shanghai, expect huge crowds of Chinese enjoying their holidays.,
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