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Xian Recreation and Entertainment

Recreation and Entertainment

Like any other city in this planet, Xian has many recreation and entertainment places to go. Besides several good golf courses around Xian (since golf has been constantly gaining popularity in China), there are over 3,700 places for leisure such as cinema, nightclub, disco bar, theater and gym in Xian. When nights fall on, people flood in the city, especially Defu Lane, a place with bright lights, pubs, cafes, charming young ladies Pubs and cafes of Chinese style, the American style, or whatever can be found in Defu Lane. It's a perfect place to seek love, to make new friends, or just to relax and enjoy beer or coffee there.

Of course, as a cultural and historic city, Xian certainly has something special and unique:

Tang Dynasty Dinner Show

The Tang Dynasty Dinner Show was a music and dance show recreated by the artists according to the history records, murals and the folk legends of Tang Dynasty more than one thousand-year ago. The performance includes ancient classical elegant music and magnificent dance. Enjoy the wonderful performance over delicious dinner, as if you have lived in the palace of Tang Dynasty.

Shaanxi Opera

Compared to the Beijing Opera, the ancient and traditional Shaanxi Opera has the sideshows such as beard performance, flame spitting, fire blow-out, trampling and jumping, chair rotating, spear, fire stick during performance. You will be shocked to the marrow by these stunts.

Shadow Puppet Show

To use leather puppets and lamplight performing behind a screen accompanying by traditional musical instruments is a very interesting performance. Its music sounds very melodious, and its performance are vivid, lovely, amusing and fascinating.

Fantastic water-screen movie.

Enjoy the biggest water-screen movies in the world and then stroll in the Lotus Palace will make your nightlife more colorful during your Xi'an trip. Absolutely, the Lotus Palace is an ideal place for cinemagoers, where the wondrous movies will gratify your sensory organ.

Musical Fountain

This fountain sprays at the North Square, nears the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, and boasts of the biggest musical Fountain in Asia. It has eight spray cisterns each is as big as a basketball court. With the magnificent or gentle music every now and then, the water columns change in different forms: flying sea-gulls, lotus flowers, clouds and so on. It is a must-see in your Xi'an trip.

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