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Dining in Xian

Top Ten Dishes

Xian food is very famous all over China, since it is a cradle land for Chinese culture and cuisine. The top ten dishes is the representation of Xian cuisine. They are:

Roasted Whole Chicken

Simmered Soup with Medlar and White Fungus

Saute Sea Cucumber with Diced Chicken

Quick-boiled Two Crisp Ingredients

Chaffy Dish of Fish with White Soup

Coin-like Long Thread Moss Roll

Shredded Three-Skin

Lotus Root Cake with Crystal-like Fillings

Simmered Sleeve-fish Thread

Warm Shredded Pig Kidney Salad

Dumpling Banquet

One can not talk about dining in Xian and without mention the dumpling banquet. But why Dumpling Banquet is so famous? First it is because of its exquisite shapes. It can be like green fruits, colorful flowers, goldfish, refinement pearls, lovely butterflies, mandarin ducks, trumpet shells and so on. The stuffing is made of delicious of every kind: from fresh vegetables to shark fin and sea pumpkin. Besides, dumpling tastes is various including sweet, sour, bitter, pungent, and salty. Its cooking techniques include frying, dry-frying, deep-frying, baking, broiling, simmering, steaming, stewing, decocting, braising, boiling, quick-boiling are used according to different stuffing and needed favors.

Yang Rou Pao Mo

The most celebrated dish from Xian is the soup - yangrou paomo (bread crumbs with noodles in lamb soup), is the most influential food in Xian. High grade hotpot is steamed to sodden pieces together with scallion, ginger, wild pepper, aniseed, fennel, cinnamon and some of the other seasonings. It is a thick soup prepare for "Paomo". Then tears the bread in pieces and soak into the soup, after that, a bowel of delicious "Yangrou Paomo" comes into being. It tastes flexible and smooth, and every season is available, but the best time for it is in winter.

Local specialties in Xian

Besides Yangrou Paomo, there are Hulutou Paomo, Qishan Saozi Noodle, Cold Noodle, Jujube Pastry, Fengmi Liangzongzi, Persimmon Cake, Demaogong Crystal Cake, Shizi Cake, Babaojing Rice Cake and so on.

Snack Street

Street snacks is a widely seen phenomenon in China. The most famous food street area is located in the Muslim quarter named Huimin Street. This hustling street features a mix of Chinese and Islamic cultures and is basically a street for food and souvenir. You can find all the snacks introduced above, and also including other special types.

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