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History of Hainan Island

Hainan Island is a beautiful and rich island with a long history. Archaeological work has identified 200 sites of Neolithic age and historical documents to infer the history human activities on Hainan Island is over 6000 years. Hainan Island was named Zhuya, Qiongzhou and Qiongya at various ancient times.

In Qin Dynasty, Emperor Qinshihuang (214 BC) started to set the Nanhaijun or the South China Sea Prefectures on the island. The administration was changed hereafter. In Han Dynasty, Emperor Hanwudi (110 BC) started to set the Zhuya Prefecture and Dan'er Prefecture on the island. The administration was changed hereafter.

In the end of Tang Dynasty, the Qiongzhoufu was establishes and commanded Qiong, Ya, Dan, Zhen, and Wanan, 5 states 22 counties. From Ming Dynasty (in 1370) to the end of Qing Dynasty, Qiongzhoufu was under the administration of Guangdong.

Before Hainan province established, Hainan Island was still dominated by Guangdong Province. In April 1949 the Hainan special administrative region senior official government office was established, for vice-provincial level government. After May 1st, 1950 Hainan administration government office was created, still subordinated to Guangdong Province. In April 1988 Hainan provincial people's government was established with Haikou as its capital. The Hainan special economic zone was established at the same time.

Hainan administrative area including Hainan Island, Paracel Islands, the Zhongsha Islands, Islands and reefs of the Spratly Islands and its waters, is the largest province in China. The province land (mainly in Hainan Island and Sai Sha, Sha, the Spratly Islands), total area of 35,000 square kilometers, the sea area of about 200) million square kilometers.,
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