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Fireworks festival at Fulu

Lunar March 3rd Festival-Fireworks festival at Fulu

March Third Festival is one of the biggest festivals in the Dong ethnic area. While this festival is also observed in several Dong areas on the first and second lunar months, the largest celebration is held in a town called Fulu in Sanjiang County, Guangxi province. Fireworks Festival of Fulu town is the most popular on the third day of the third lunar month. It has more than 500 years' history. The specific day varies according to place, ranging from January to October (lunar).

Fulu Fireworks Festival is held in the local floodplain. On this day, a sea of people gathering in the mountain, and each dressed in their respective festive dress. The Dong and Miao people,especially the beautiful girls attract people and photographers' attention. Their clothes embroidered with a variety of precision patterns and decorated with the most beautiful silver ornaments, thus they become the pursuit aims of the photographers. Whether you are a man or woman, you will be impressed by their pure and beautiful.

"Grabbing the Hoop" is the most popular and the most exciting game during the festival. Thousands of people from a ring around a bonfire, awaiting the arrival of young men carrying the "huapao"-three metal hoops that are individually wrapped in red cloth and placed on top of three long cylinders containing explosives. Firecrackers are put into three rings, including head, second and third gun. The head gun for the population means prosperous; the second gun for the wealth means flourishing; the third gun for the rank means promotion. Every gun is tied with an iron ring standing for happiness, which is put into the gun with red cloth outside fired by special person who is responsible for the firecracks. The iron rings rush into high altitude when firecrackers explode, which means real battle immediately begins. The players stare at the ring, then jump, loot, catch, run and bump in accordance with the traditional rules of game. Once the ring is in hand, it is passed to other teammates or crossed the crowd who are looting, which is really quite hot and exciting. Time is not limited during the competition. The team who puts the ring in the designated place is the winner and the team wins two rounds of the three is the final winner.

Sanyuesan Fireworks festival at Fulu
Sanyuesan Fireworks festival at Fulu

It's worth saying that it difficult for you to find your accommodation during the Fireworks Festival because of the hotel accommodation was soaring and scarce.

Sanyuesan Fireworks festival at Fulu
Sanyuesan Fireworks festival at Fulu
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