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Best Time to shoot Luoping Rapeseed Flowers

The small town of Luoping lies in the relatively underdeveloped eastern part of Yunnan province, 230 kilometers east of Kunming, and neighboring Guizhou and Guangxi Provinces. Luoping County is home to one of the largest plantations of rapeseed flowers in Southwest China. Fields covered with golden blossoming rapeseed flowers stretch as far as the eye can see and form seas of yellow buds. Combined with a unique terrain dominated by karst features with small basins among mountain ranges, the place boasts very unique landscape features and draws flocks of tourists and photographers every year.

The rape flowers covering an area of 250,000 mu and on February of March every years, thousands of Yellow Rapeseed Flowers are in full bloom, looking like and expanse of a golden sea. Take a casual walk in the fields on an early spring morning-amid the waves of rape flowers moving in gentle breeze, with the image of Luoping town in the distance like an isolated island standing in the golden sea. This is the best reward for a freedom-loving heart.

Best time of the year to visit
Luoping Rapeseed flowers bloom in February and March and these two months are suitable for going to Luoping. Mid-February to mid-March will be best.

Best Photographic Places
Main photographic destinations in the county include Jinjifeng, Shiwan Dashan and Niujie. Details are as follows:

Jinjifeng(Golden Cock Peak)-the most famous spot for photographing rapeseed flowers of Luoping. It offers an excellent and expansive view of the fields and hills in north-south direction. Located in the middle of the hill, Lingyi Temple offers a perfect platform for photographing the fields.

Shiwan Dashan(Hundred Thousand Hills)-about thirteen kilometers away from Luoping town. Landscape here is not as grandiose as at Jinjifeng and the place apparently is not very well-known. However, terrain here is hilly and much more varied; it thus offers many more creative opportunities-it is one of those places where you can have several photographers shooting for an hour and producing entirely different images.

Niujie: The best site for admiring rapeseed flowers at Niujie is on the slope. Looking down at the rapeseed flowers with all kinds of patterns, you will find some of them are like eyes, some like butterflies. You can use your imagination as possible as you can. And it is easy to photograph from different angles here.
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