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Flowering Period of Wuyuan Rapeseed Flower

Wuyuan lies in the northeastern part of Jiangxi Province, on the boundary of Anhui and Zhejiang provinces. It is in the center of the golden triangle of Yellow Mountain, Lushan and Sanqing mountains, all famous mountains in the country. The flame of Wuyuan lies in its well preserved old villages and beautiful countryside. It has been crowned as one of the most beautiful old villages in China. During the Spring, the gorgeous, vast fields of yellow rapeseed flowers could be seen at their best across Wuyuan's countryside. So it attracts a lot of amateur and professional photographers every year.

Flowering Period
The main flowering period of Wuyuan Rapeseed Flower as follows: early March-the prime time; mid-March-early prosperous period; late March to early April-prosperous period; mid-April-withering period. The scene is most beautiful from late February and late April. The Rapeseed Flower fields are decorated with pink peach blossoms and white pear blossoms. The local residents live in typical Anhui-style houses, with white wall and black tiles. Flowers, villages, rivers and bridges frame a picturesque pace of life.

Photography Tips:
1. The best traveling time is late March. During this time, you will witness the most brilliant blooms in particular.

2. The best places that have the best displays of rape flowers are terraced fields in Jiangling, the ancient road along Qingyuan, Lingjiao and Guankeng in Duanshen County, Xiaorong and Xiaofan in Jiangwan and Likeng.

3. The best photograph season is Spring, especially March and April. Then you can see the land becomes a sea of blossoming rape flowers. It's also the best chance to photograph great pictures in such a beautiful scenery and best time.

Wuyuan photo Wuyuan photo Wuyuan photo Wuyuan photo Wuyuan photo Wuyuan photo
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