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Lijiang Hospitals and First Aid Contacts

Lijiang First Aid Contacts
Emergency Rescue Service Center 120
Lijiang Hospitals
Name of Hospitals Address Telephone numbers
Lijiang Prefecture People's Hospital Fuhui Road, Dayan Town 0888-5121343
Lijiang Automobile transport Economic and trade Head Co. traffic Hospital YiHe,XiNa autonomous area 0888-5122121
Lijiang Qihexiang Center Clinic GongHe,XiNa autonomous area 0888-5468067
Lijiang People's Hospital No.526 Fuhui Road, Gucheng, Lijiang 0888-5185053
Lijiang Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine Gucheng District, Lijiang
Lijiang Friendship Hospital No. 3, Changshui Road, Lijiang
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