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Chongqing Hospitals and First Aid Contacts

Chongqing First Aid Contacts
Emergency Rescue Service Center 120
Chongqing Hospitals
Name of Hospitals Address Telephone numbers
First Attached Hospital of Chongqing Medical University No.1 Youyi Road, Yuanjiagang 023-68816534
Chongqing City Third People's Hospital No.104 Pibashan Zhengjie 023-63515394
Chongqing Emergency Medical Center No.1 Jiankang Road, Yuzhong District 023-63862747
Chongqing Zhong Shan Hospital No.312 Zhongshan Yilu, Yuzhong District 023-63515256
Xinqiao Hospital of the Third Military Medical University No.183 Xinqiao Street, Shapingba District 023-68755643
Jiulongpo Red-cross Hospital Xinsheng Village, Yangjiaping District 023-68822353
NO.3 Hospital of the Third Military Medical University No.10 Changjiang Road, Yuzhong District 023-68811229
Shuangqiao People's Hospital Shuangbei Road 023-43332542
Tongliang Fufeng People's Hospital Dashizi Street 023-45511045
Nanchuan People's Hospital South Street 023-71422843
Naijiang People's Hospital Zitong Town 023-44551535
Rongchang People's Hospital Changyuan Town 023-46732020
Jiulongpo No.1 People's Hospital No.23 Qianjin Road, Yangjiaping District 023-68429687
Jiangbei No.1 People's Hospital No.1 Jialing Village, Jiangbei District 023-67862373
Hechuan Hospital of traditional Chese Medicine Shuyuan Street 023-42724351
Hechuan People's Hospital Wenming Street 023-42824243
The Hospital of traditional Chese Medicine of Fengdu County Zhongshan Road 023-70623336
Ba'nan No.2 People's Hospital No.14 Huaxi New Village, Ba'nan District 023-62857814
Wansheng People's Hospital Kuangshan Road 023-48271622
Shizhu People's Hospital Nanbin Town 023-73332712
Jiulongpo No.2 People's Hospital of Chongqing No.2 Banshan Village, Jiulongpo District 023-65215455
Chongqing Surgical Hospital Zhongshanyi Road 023-63527121
No.2 Attached Hospital of Chongqing Medical University Linjiang Road 023-63849075
Yubei People's Hospital Weisheng Village 023-67821037
The Second People's Hospital of Chongqing Xuanhua Road 023-49863914
The Eighth THE People's Hospital of Chongqing Renmin Road 023-63851228
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