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China Tour Healthcare

China Tour Healthcare

The best idea is to keep healthy by being careful and well prepared for the trip. Before traveling in China, you may need to consult your doctor for health advice. Your doctor may provide your some useful health information about China and the vaccines you need to take. This is very important for all but particularly for those with a history health problems. It is recommended to see your doctor 3-4 weeks before your departure because some vaccines need a certain time to take effect. Pack appropriate clothing and footwear, and make sure to bring enough medications you might be taking currently, as well as basic necessities such as aspirin or Tylenol. Being prepared will certainly reduce your possibility of getting ill during your trip.

However, if you do get illed, you should go to the hospital. Basic medical service can be guaranteed in most Chinese cities, especially those with a large tourist market. The condition of medical facilities in the countryside is usually worse, while city hospitals have advanced medical equipment and qualified doctors. Some of the superior hospitals have the capability to serve foreign patients in English.

Most four and five-star hotels in China have infirmaries that can provide immediate medical attention, but they are only equipped to deal with minor illness and injury. If medical service is unavailable, you can call the reception desk for assistance, as they may be able to arrange for a physician to come directly to the hotel or call the ambulance. It is strongly recommended that you go to a superior hospital for any illness you believe may be serious.

If you join a tour group, your tour guide or travel agency may also be able to provide assistance with medical problems. If you feel ill, tell them as soon as possible so they may arrange for timely medical care.

Here are some tips for keeping healthy:

Never drink un-boiled water. Boiled water or bottled water is the best choice. Don't drink the water from lakes or rivers directly. Water purification tablets are recommended for travelers to carry and use in some remote areas when no potable water are available.

Avoid eating food being sold by the roadside and raw or undercooked food.

Wash your hands frequently and keep them away from your mouth.

Proper precaution should be taken against exposure to strong summer sun.

Do not undertake intimate activities without protection. In order to reduce sexually transmitted diseases, please always use condoms.

Plan your tour schedule carefully allowing for rest breaks so as to avoid becoming exhausted.

Carry your own chopsticks and a metal bowl with a lid for train journeys and meals in small roadside restaurants.

Fruit and vegetables should be washed thoroughly in purified water, then peeled or boiled.

All these may seem to be a bit of a nuisance, but a areful preparation will ensure the happiness of your trip and avoid mishaps.

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