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Huangshan Hospitals and First Aid Contacts

Huangshan First Aid Contacts
Emergency Rescue Service Center 120
Huangshan Hospitals
Name of Hospitals Address Telephone numbers
Guyi Town Huangshan Hospital Guyi town, yangdian contry 0397-4945840
Huangshan City Tunxi District People's Hostpital No.53 Xin'an North Road Tunxi District
Huangshan City Weizhou District public Hospital No.177 Weizhou West Road, Yanshi County 0559-3511137
Haungshan City Kangfu Hospital No.44 Qianyuan South Road, Xi Area 0559-2522200
Second People's Hospital of Huangshan City No.53 Xinan North Road, Tunxo Area 0559-2514824
Huangshan Second public Hospital No.72 Daizhen Road, Tunxi District 0559-2512978
Huangshan City People's Hospital No.4 Suli Street, Tunxi District 0559-2513765
Huangshan District People's Hospital No.19 Taiping West Road 0559-8532572
Huangshan City Huizhou District People's Hospital Yanci Town, Huizhou District 0559-3511137
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