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Emergency Info for Travelers

The clinics in large hotels and restaurants offer medical and first aid services to travelers. If you feel uncomfortable while on a tour, you may call the outpatient department of a local hotel, or ask your guide to take you to see the doctor.

Motion Sickness (plane, boat, etc.)

Car sickness, airsickness, seasickness are very common in travel. Those who has such problems should not eat too full before get on board. You better take some pills (it is best to prepared medicine under doctor instructions). Tour guides or interpreters should usher these tourists to be in more balanced seats as much as possible. Tour guides have to ask attendants to assist the work of serving weak people in long-distance travel in air, cars or ships.

Heat Stroke

The main symptoms of heat stroke is sweat, thirst, dizziness, tinnitus, vertigo, chest tightness, nausea, vomiting, fever, disorientation, and even coma. Prolonged stay in high-heat environment can easily cause heat stroke. So in summer, tourist should pay attention to avoid long time activities in the sun. If somebody get heat stroke, he or she should be moved in to cool and well-ventilated place. Lay the patient down flatly, loosen the collar and belt, maybe let him or her drink some salty drinks when it possible. Rubdown those who have fever with cold water or alcohol in order to radiate heat. Take some medicine if necessary. After remission, take a rest. Severe heat stroke should immediately be taken to hospital after treatment.

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning can damage body badly. Its symptoms are diarrhea, characterized by acute onset, rapid onset, short incubation period. If not promptly treated, there will be life-threatening. When travelers are found food poisoning, drink plenty of water to alleviate the toxicity. Severe cases need to be transmitted to hospital for emergency treatment immediately. Food poisoning usually caused by unhealthy diet, so guides should remind tourists not to eat uncertain roadside food.


Fracture should be taken to the hospital for medical treatment in time, but in the scene the guides should do following: First, stop bleeding. The commonly used method to stop bleeding is hand pressing, which uses fingers, palms or fist pressing the vessels near the wounded side to stop bleeding. Or tie up the wound with bandage or elastic tourniquet. It is best to wash before bind up the wound. When binding, the action should be gentle and with moderate tightness. The bandage knot can not be at the trauma. Use splint of any materials available around and fix it at both ends of the joints in order to avoid limb rotation.

Heart Attack

If tourists got a heart attack, he or she should not be carried or stretchered to the hospital in a hurry. Lay the patient flat on the spot with the head slightly higher, search for medicines in the pockets or bags of the patient. At the same time, send for doctor at the nearby clinic immediately for medical treatment. After the condition stabilized, send him or her to hospital.

Sting Injury

If the tourists were stung by scorpion or bee, guides should try to pull out the stinger and the venom, then wash the injury with soapy water. The 5% soda or 3% ammonia is good to wash the wound if there is any. Don't forget to take painkillers. If the guide knows Chinese herbal medicine would be great. Severe cases should be sent to hospital.

When heat stroke, food poisoning, fractures, heart attack, scorpion or bee stung happens in the tour group, the guides should immediately report to travel agents.

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