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Top Suzhou Attractions
Suzhou Zhuozhengyuan
Net Master Garden, Suzhou
Lingering Garden, Suzhou
Suzhou Panmen Gate
Suzhou Tiger Hill
Jinghang Grand Canal
Suzhou Hanshan Temple
Suzhou Silk Museum
Lion Forest Garden
Suzhou Joyous Garden
The Garden of Cultivation
The West Garden, Suzhou

Climate of Suzhou

Suzhou, Situated at the eastern coast of China, with a mild and humid monsoon climate and is easily accessible by water, land and air communications. Suzhou enjoys abundant sunlight, a long frost-free period, and high temperatures accompanied by ideal rains.

Suzhou is under the influence of East Asia Monsoon. The average annual temperature is 15.9ºC.. Seasons are distinct, with usually hot summers and plenty of precipitation throughout the year.

In Spring, the average temperature of 14.2ºC. However the temperature doesn't maintain itself during the entire length of spring. It's always warm in April and May. But it rains sometimes.

Summer is the hottest season of the year. June is the rain season; July is the hottest month and can reach a maximum temperature of 35ºC.

Autumn is very interesing. It's always warm in September and October. But it's often cold in November.

It's very cold in winter, and it snows sometimes. In recent years, winter has not shown itself to be as cold.

Talking about Suzhou, people would mention the old saying: "Paradise in Heaven, Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth." Since there can be places elsewhere compared to paradise, the saying does not specify the style of Suzhou lies in "Softness", like the tone of Wu dialect, which also sums up the character in feminine beauty, tenderness, serenity, sutlety and elegance.,,
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