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Suzhou Muslim Restaurants

Halal food history in Suzhou is as long as the history of Islam in Suzhou. Muslim food industry saw rapid growth in 1980's in Suzhou with over 15 enterprises engaged in the Halal Food industry in Suzhou, some were state owned and most were private owned. Famed Muslim restaurants in Suzhou are Beijiang Restaurant, Pamir Restaurant, Xinjiang Yakexi Restaurant etc.
Suzhou Muslim Restaurant

Beijiang Restaurant
Address: No. 505, Changxu Road, Jinchang District.
Beijiang Restaurant
Suzhou Muslim Restaurant

Pamir Restaurant
Address: No. 25, Shenxian Street, Jinchang District.
Pamir Restaurant
Suzhou Muslim Restaurant

Xinjiang Yakexi Restaurant
Address: No. 768, Shiquan Street, Canglang District.
Xinjiang Yakexi Restaurant
Suzhou Muslim Restaurant

A Yi Sha Muslim Restaurant
Address: No. 14, Commercial Street, Suzhou New District.
A Yi Sha Muslim restaurant
Suzhou Muslim Restaurant

Xixia Muslim Restaurant
Address: No.29, Taiping Lane, Shi Road, Jinchang District.
Xixia Muslim Restaurant
Suzhou Muslim Restaurant

Da Ban Cheng Muslim Restaurant
Address: No. 114, Gongxiang Kou, Pingjiang District.
Da Ban Cheng Muslim Restaurant
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