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Suzhou Transportation

Since ancient times, there has been a well- known river named Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal going by Suzhou, and at present, Suzhou city has formed a huge cubic and open transportation structure. It has many types of transportation and forms circles in the outskirts of a city. The highway is accessible from all directions within the territory, the rivers and harbors cover densely. The intensity of highways is equal to Germany, being given the name "the Highway Traffic Hub". So the transportation in and around Suzhou is the same excellent, and there are many options for you to get to the destination.

There is no airport available in Suzhou. Suzhou Guangfu Airport is a small airport, which has only one flight to Foshan every Tuesday. The closest airport from Suzhou is Xuzhou Airport. It is only 70 kilometers away from Suzhou downtown area. Taking Beijing-Fuzhou Superhighway and Lianyungang-Huoerguosi Superhighway, it costs no more than an hour to get to the airport. The air transport is very convenient here.

But Most travelers fly to Shanghai and then take a bus (about one hour and forty minutes) from Shanghai Airport or a train to Suzhou (about an hour).

Suzhou is an important city on the Beijing-Shanghai Railway line. A train to Shanghai takes about one hour and costs between CNY20-50 depending on the type of ticket. Everyday, more than 20 trains stop at the Suzhou railway station that is on the northern side of the city. Nearly all the trains on the Shanghai-Nanning railway stop in Suzhou for a short time, including the trains setting out from Suzhou. There are also regular trains to Nanjing and Wuxi from here (2 hours). Note that last-minute tickets can be hard to come by, especially during holidays, so order in advance if possible. If you're about to buy the tickets by yourself, there are several ticket agents other than mere railway station.

Transportation: Take Bus No. 1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 13 in the urban area to Suzhou Train Station.

Suzhou is the "Gateway to the Southeast" in Jiangsu Province which leads to Zhejiang and Shanghai. There are four long distance bus stations having services to the nearby cities and beyond. There are plenty of buses heading to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuxi, Zhouzhuang, Tongli, to and from Suzhou. In November 8th, 2003, Suzhou-Jiaxing-Hangzhou express highway was fully opened, which starts from Changshu City of Jiangsu province in the north to Hangzhou City of Zhejiang Province in the south. Suzhou connects the highway along the river, the Shanghai-Nanjing expressway, Shanghai-Hangzhou highway and Shanghai-Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Anhui expressway, which is of great significance to ameliorate the traffic conditions in Suzhou and in its surrounding areas.

South Bus Station
Address: at the intersection of Yingchun Road and East Nanhuan Road

North Bus Station
Address: No. 29, Xihui Road (on the east side of the Railway Station)

West Bus Station
Address: at the intersection of Changjiang Road and Jinshan Road (on the north side of Suzhou Amusement Land)

The Wuzhong Bus Station

Address: No.10, Guangjian Road (take public bus: 1, 50, 54, 81, 103)

Thanks to its various rivers and the famed Grand Canal, Suzhou has formed its own network of water transportation, connecting with Zhangjiagang (a city in Jiangsu), Liujia (a famous historic old town located in the Wuzhong District), Changshou and Shimonoseki, Japan.

The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal has passenger sea route shuttling between Suzhou and Hangzhou. There are four regular ships heading for Suzhou and Hangzhou every day from the two cities, setting off at 17:30 or so and reaching each other city at about 7:00 of the next day. At present, the luxurious type of ship is administered to carry out the transportation task equipped with air-conditioner and double or four-person room. The food and drink accommodations are served in the ship. The sail distance is 150.2 kilometers and it takes about 14 hours to finish the voyage between the two cities.

City Public Bus
Like other tourist cities in China, Suzhou has a convenient public transport system. The ticket price for each person is one Yuan for an ordinary bus and two Yuan for an air-conditioned bus. Check the sign on the front of the bus to see the fare. Most of the buses running in the city only take exact change so make sure you have some small coins before getting on.

Additionally, Suzhou has five special tourist buses as follows:

No.1: Tiger Hill-the Suzhou Railway Station (5:15 am-9:00 pm)
Scenic spots: Tiger Hill, Lingering Garden, Suzhou Museum, Humble Administrator's Garden, Lion Grove Garden, Suzhou Silk Museum, and the Beisi Pagoda

No.2: Tiger Hill-The Dock (5:45-6:45)
Scenic spots: Tiger Hill, The Suzhou Railway Station, Suzhou Silk Museum, Beisi Pagoda, Suzhou Museum, Humble Administrator's Garden, Lion Grove Garden, and the Garden of the Master of the Nets

No.3: The Suzhou Railway Station - Jin Shan Lu (5:30 am-8:45 pm)
Scenic spots: Suzhou Amusement Park, Yushan Park, and the Science and Technology University

No.4: The Suzhou Railway Station - Taiping Mountain (5:00 am-9:00 pm)
Scenic spots: Suzhou Silk Museum, Beisi Pagoda, Ancient Town of Mudu, Lingyan Mountain, and Taiping Mountain

No.5: Oushang Supermarket- Oushang Supermarket (6:00 am-10:30 pm)
Scenic spots: The Double Pagoda, Suzhou Museum, Humble Administrator's Garden, and the Lion Grove Garden

Special Railway Lines for Tourists
Suzhou Railway Station---Zhouzhuang ancient town

Suzhou Railway Station---Yongzhi ancient town

Suzhou Railway Station---Tongli ancient town

Suzhou Railway Station---Xishan,
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