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Suzhou Silk Museum
Suzhou Lion Forest Garden
Suzhou Joyous Garden
Garden of Cultivation, Suzhou
The West Garden, Suzhou
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Suzhou Tour FAQ

1. What is the weather like in Suzhou and when is the best time to tour there?

Suzhou is in the semi-tropical area and has outstanding monsoon climate. Suzhou is a beautiful water city in China. Summer is very hot. Usually Spring and Fall are regarded as the best time for touring Suzhou. In Spring, the warm and humid climate adds more green color to the pretty southern Chinese private gardens which are the highlight of Suzhou tour. Actually Suzhou is distinct in four seasons. Its lotus-scented summer, maple-drenched autumn and snow-carpeted winter can also reveal you different beauties of Suzhou.

2. How can we get to Suzhou?
There is no airport in Suzhou, so only bus and train transfer options (Shanghai is usually the transferring city of Suzhou) are available for you as followings:

By Bus
You can fly to Shanghai firstly and then take an airport bus from Pudong or Hongqiao airport to Suzhou.

By Train
The train from Suzhou to Shanghai leaves every 20 minutes and the train journey takes from half hour to 1.5 hours.

3. Is there any special local food worth trying in Suzhou?

Yes. The cuisine available in Suzhou is quite diverse. Noted dishes in Suzhou are Biluo shrimp, watermelon chicken, steamed crab, soyed herring tail, etc. And Suzhou snacks like pine nut candy, shrimp-roe soy, sweet dried bean curd, jujube paste cake, etc. could satisfy your picky taste buds. We highly suggest you try the foods. We are fairly certain you will love it.

Guanqian Road, Shiquan Road, Fenghuang Road, Xueshi Road, Ganjiang Road and the like are recommended for hunting Suzhou dishes and snacks. There are also many restaurants offering western-style dishes or Japanese dishes on the street for you to get familiar or different tastes.

4. What kind of vehicles is available for getting around in Suzhou?

In Suzhou, there are many options for getting around, such as taxis, buses, minibuses, pedicabs and of course by your private driver. There are also cars and bikes for rent.

5. What should I take along with while traveling to Suzhou?

It is recommended that you bring comfortable shoes. You will undoubtedly being doing a lot of walking, so comfortable shoes are a must. Sunscreen is recommended, as well as carrying bottled water with you. If you are a photography lover, do not forget your camera, film and batteries, or you will never forgive yourself. Besides, an umbrella is a must. Shower in Suzhou is frequent, so bringing an umbrella with you is a good choice.

6. What are accommodations like?

There are many kinds of hotels in Suzhou. The most welcomed accommodation area for tourists is the ancient city district which has been separated into north area and south area. Accommodation of different ranks can be found in this area as well. There are also many small hotels which are clean and pleasant.

7. What are the currency and the ATM system in Suzhou like?

Foreign currencies cannot be used directly in Suzhou, but you can exchange your money at the many Bank of China outlets throughout the province. Most major hotels in Suzhou will accept major credit cards. Your hotels also can change money for you and ATMs are easy to find. ,
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