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Dinning in Zhangjiajie

Zhangjiajie food integrates the features of Hunan Cuisine and Tujia ethnic food. Most of the dishes are very hot and spicy, sometimes using liquor as an ingredient. The most famous part of this cooking style is the Tujia dishes because of their rich national characteristics, particular materials and unique flavors. The representative dishes include Tuannian Dish, Blooded Tofu, Sour Fish, and spring rolls, pork leg braised in soy sauce, hot and spicy chicken, slice beef, salted meat of the Tujia Minority groups.


1. Black Bone Chicken Stewed with Rhizoma Gastrodiae
Black Bone Chicken is the meat of a sort of chook. This chook is white all over, dark in skin, bone, eyes, beak, toe, bowel and fat. It is a kind of show chicken and can be used for medicine. Rhizoma gastrodiae is the tuber of elevated gastrodia. It is the Chinese healing herb whose root is useful in calming the nerves while balancing stress levels. In Zhangjiajie, black bone chicken stewed with rhizome gastrodiae is a tonics and delicious soup. It is good for curing swirling and swimming, hemiplegy and apoplexy too.

2. San Xia Guo(Three Foods in a Pot)
In ancient times, local people used to put cured meat, bean curd and radish into a pot and boil them together. Now people mainly choose intestinal materials from pigs, cows or sheep and cook them in a special pot. The dish is really special and wonderful, especially in the small native restaurants. So it is a classic local dish and is a must try.

Recommended Zhangjiajie Restaurants
Red Lotus Tujia Special Flavor Restaurant:
Address: No.740, Tianmen Road in Zhangjiajie

HongGe Restaurant
Address: Chongwen Road in Zhangjiajie City.

Yuanyuan Special Restaurant:
Address: No. 871, Tianmen Road in Zhangjiajie

Philander Sister Restaurant:
Address: Chongwen Road in Zhangjiajie,
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