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Climate of Zhangjiajie

Zhangjiajie is situated in the northwest of Hunan province, in the juncture of the Yunan-Guizhou Plateau and the subsidence of Donating Lake. Zhangjiajie falls into the category of subtropical humid monsoon climate. It has enough sunshine, rich rainwater, long frost-free period, short cold period and quite distinct four seasons with an annual average temperature of 16ºC. So it is referred to as another "city of spring" after Kunming for its pleasant weather condition throughout the year.

April and October are the best two months to go traveling in Zhangjiajie. At that time, you can enjoy the most beautiful natural sights of Zhangjiajie. There is plenty of rainfall in July, and traveling conditions are not good during rainy days. During July Zhangjiajie experiences heavy fog and it is not the right time to climb the mountains. However 1 or 2 hours after the rainfall, the mountain scene is the most attractive as the fog wreathes. Visitors will feel as if it was a fairyland. Autumn from August to October is one of the best season to visit Zhangjiajie, as the mountains are blanketed by colors. In the winter time, Zhangjiajie takes on wonderful scenery after snowing and makes an appealing fairyland.

Month Average High(C) Average Low(C)
Jan. 6.8 1.5
Feb. 6.4 1.3
Mar. 14.9 8.2
Apr. 25.8 16.2
May. 26.1 18.7
Jun. 31.3 24.1
Jul. 32.6 25.4
Aug. 29.9 23.8
Sep. 28.7 20.6
Oct. 21.9 13.7
Nov. 16.5 11.3
Dec. 9.7 4.1
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