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Harbin Taiping International Airport

Harbin Taiping International Airport

Harbin Taiping International Airport, located in the center of Northeast Asia, 30 kilometers from the City center, is the best route stop for planes from Southeast Asia to North America. The Harbin Taiping International Airport has the protected 330,000 sorties of all types flying since 1979, thus praised for its safety, convenient and pleasant air service for the airlines.

In 2008, Harbin Taiping International Airport has transported taking off and landing a total of 46,367 sorties, completed the throughput of 4980000 passengers and 58,600 tons cargo, which were a record high.

The airport in Harbin has opened or reopened the Harbin - Qingzhou, Harbin - Hong Kong, Harbin - Cheju, Harbin - Urumqi, etc., more than 10 routes. At present, there are 23 domestic and foreign airlines companies operating in the Harbin airport, including 82 domestic and international routes, all in 47 cities. There are more than 200 weekly North America flights fly over Harbin. It has begun to take shape as the center of the air traffic net, which radiating domestic major cities, connecting Russia, Europe, America, Japan, Korea and other neighboring countries.

Harbin Taiping International Airport has clear sky conditions; airfield technical level of 4E, can handle takeoffs and landings of all kinds of large and medium-sized passenger aircraft. Airport has 3200 meters long runway, precision approach category I Field Road lighting; blind drop equipment, secondary radar, weather and other types of navigation facilities, could provide all-weather navigation services. The 330,000 square meters Apron can meet the 18 large aircraft parking and maintenance. The 67,000 square meters Terminal building can transport 6660000 passengers annually. 38,000 cubic meters of oil storage facilities to the provision of high quality and accurate measurement services for aircrafts.

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