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China Earthquake Belt

The earthquake rupture belt of China, which had been compressed from the Pacific Plate, the Indian Ocean Plate and the Philippine Sea plate, is situated on two major seismic zone in the world - between the Circum-Pacific Seismic Zone and the Eurasian Seismic Zone. They produced a strong and frequent tectonization that there are about 800 events with M above or equal 6 since the 20th Century in China.

The characteristics of the Chinese earthquake are High-frequency seismic activity, high strength, light source, widely distributed. Since 1900s, the number of people died in the earthquake in China is more than 55 million people, which accounted for 53% in the world because of earthquake. Since 1949, at least 270,000 people died, more than 300 thousand square kilometers field destroyed and 7 million buildings collapsed in 22 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) because of more than 100 events earthquakes. It's one of the basic situation of China that the serious of earthquake and other natural disasters.

23 seismic belts in 5 areas are the mainly seismic active areas of China. These 5 areas are:
(1) Taiwan and its adjacent waters;
(2) Southwestern regions, mainly include Tibet, the western of Sichuan and the central and the western of Yunnan;
(3) Northwestern regions, mainly include Hexi Corridor (Gansu Corridor), Qinghai, Ningxia and the northern and the southern sides of Mount Tianshan;
(4) Northern regions, mainly including both sides of Mount Taihang, Fen-Wei Valleys, regions around Mount Yinshan and Mount Yanshan, the central Shandong, and Bohai Bay;
(5) Southeast coastal area, include Guangdong, Fujian and so on.

The distribution of seismic belt in China: Taiwan lies on the Circum-Pacific Seismic belt; Tibet, Xinjiang, Yunnan, Sichuan, Qinghai and other provinces lies on the Himalayas - Mediterranean Seismic belt, and the other provinces in the related earthquake belt. It's an important basis for making key points on monitor and prevention areas about Chinese earthquakes.,,
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