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Guilin Earthquake, Guangxi

Earthquakes are usually divided into three categories: One is tectonic earthquake; the other is the collapse earthquake; third type volcanic earthquakes. Among these three categories, the tectonic earthquakes are the most destructive earthquakes to human and natural world. According to statistics, about 90% of the disastrous earthquakes in the world are tectonic earthquakes.

Tectonic earthquake are the most devastating earthquakes. But tectonic earthquake under 3 Richter magnitude scale, people are difficult to feel. Only those above 4 Richter magnitude scale tectonic earthquakes we can see slight movement of the suspended bulbs.

The collapse earthquakes happened in Guilin were shocks generated by Karst rock collapse. The charateristics of this earthquake is
small damage scope and small spread range, usually no more than 1 square kilometers.

The God favors Guilin. Guilin is located in an environment of Karst area. It belongs to a non-plate fault area geologically. Theoretically, there will be no tectonic earthquake. Despite this, there were some earthquake records in history.
History Record of Earthquake in Guilin
Location Time Earthquake Rate Categories Deaths
Zemu Village, Guilin 11:54, Nov. 11, 1997 1.3 Collapse earthquake None
Yanmen Village, Yangshuo 20:44, Sept. 27, 1997 2 Collapse earthquake None
Yanmen Village, Yangshuo 20:43, Sept. 27, 1997 2.4 Collapse earthquake None
Yanmen Village, Yangshuo 01:00, Apr. 14, 1987 2.1 Collapse earthquake None
Baisha Town, Yangshuo 08:20, Jan. 20,1987 1 Collapse earthquake None
Yangshuo Nov. 4, 1672 4.75 Tectonic earthquake None
Yangshuo Jun. 8, 1639 4.75 Tectonic earthquake None
Lingchuan 1599 4.75 Tectonic earthquake None
Yangshuo 1598 4.5 Tectonic earthquake None
Suburbs of Guilin Jun. 30, 1498 unknown Collapse earthquake None
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