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Dining in Guangzhou

Only those who has been to Guangzhou can really understand that in this city, "eat" is not only a survival instinct and needs, but also elevated to a skill, an art of life. Perhaps you will say: every body knows how to eat and tries to make the best food. Only when you see cantonese how cook, Maybe you have to admit: it is cantonese who flourishes "eat" culture to the highest level.

Guangzhou cuisine is the main representatives of Cantonese food. Traditional and innovative dishes, snacks and flavor foods of all kinds are too numerous to mention. Guangzhou restaurants business is the number one prosperous in China. There are a lot of famous brand name old restaurants with experience over hundred years and new boutiques in Guangzhou. Authentic delicious restaurants are often concentrated in the old city, such as Dongshan District, Yuexiu District, Liwan District, but rare in Tianhe District. Panfu Road, West Jiangnan Road and East Huifu Road, ect. are so to be called "food street in Guangzhou". Soups in Guangzhou are also very unique with local charateristics, even though without any expensive material, just only a few hours cooking in the pot, soups become delicious and fragrant.

Guangzhou is also famous for its snacks. There are famous offal shops, juice shops and other snacks restaurants that supply porridge, noodles, flour food and tea in Beijing Road. There are a lot snack food restaurants located in Shangxiajiu Pedestrain Street and Xiguan Food Street. Usually it is hard to find a seat in small shops there, they are alway full of people. But it does not matter, there are so many shops around there.,,
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