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Guilin Endian Halal Restaurant

"Endian" is a Chinese word. It means that Islamic Muslim to express thanks to the grace and good will to Allah (God) who gave sustenance, happiness, peace, health ... all the good things in the world. Allah holds all things, so everything is Allah's gift. Praise to Allah to give us test and pity!

Guilin is a superlunary pearl that is Allah's gift. There are beautiful mountains and clear waters, which make you feel walking in a picture. "East or west, Guilin landscape is best". We all sigh that "What a Almighty Allah".

There are very few Halal restaurants in Guilin. It's hard to provide Halal food to Muslim tourists who visit in Guilin.

But Allah's grace is in all over the world. With Allah's guidance, Endian Halal Restaurant opened on the 1st Oct, 2010, which located at Chongshan Muslim Mosque, Xiufeng District, Guilin. The guests can enjoy delicious and real Muslim food in it. The Endian Halal Restaurant provide Muslim frozen meat that come form Qinghai, Inner Mongolia and othe steppes, such as: yak meat, sheep meat, lamb, goat front legs, back sheep, chicken, duck, and so on.

There are various dishes and they taste good. Northwest cuisine as mainly features with north-south cuisine in China; together Chinese and Western food culture to show the romantic and elegance of Muslim culture. The guests can understand the characteristics and personality of Guilin by Western coffee and Chinese local snack.,
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