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History of Islam in Shanghai

There seven mosques and 15 Mullah or Imam in Shanghai. The Muslim population is estimated about 70,000 from about 10 minority nationalities.
Islam was introduced to Shanghai in Yuan Dynasty. When officers and soldiers and their families of Yuan army settled in Songjiang, the Muslims of Yuan army and their families brought Islam into Shanghai. They established the first mosque in Shanghai - Songjiang Mosque (1341-1868).

In Ming Dynasty, there are some Muslim generals staioned in Jinshanwei and Jiading around Shanghai. For the consolidation of coastal defence, Ming authoritis migrated about 2000 Muslims Hui minority to the coastal area near Shanghai. And a Mosque was built in Qingpu county.

As more and more Muslims moved to Shanghai to make a living, Mosques ware built one after the other. Sandals Bay Mosque (or Chaoxiewan Mosque, commonly known as South Mosque), Chuanxinjie Mosque (commonly known as the North Mosque), Zhejiang Road Mosque (commonly known as foreign Mosque), Huxi Mosque, Women Mosque, Xiaotaoyuan Mosque were built as the growth of Muslim population in Shanghai. There are 4 mosques (including 2 Mosques for females) were destroyed during the anti-Japanese war.

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