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Guilin Hospitals and First Aid Contacts

Guilin First Aid Contacts
Emergency Rescue Service Center 120
Guilin Airport First Aid Spot Dormestic departure hall 0773-2845251
Guilin Hospitals
Name of Hospitals Address Telephone numbers
No.1 People's Hospital No. 12, Wenming Road, Guilin 0773-2825116
No.2 People's Hospital No. 2 Diecai Road, Guilin 0773-2821525
No.3 People's Hospital No. 42, Huanchengxier Road, Guilin 0773-2824647
No.4 People's Hospital No. 12, Fengbei Road, Guilin 0773-2823288
No.5 People's Hospital No. 6 Bantang Road, Guilin 0773-5817540
Guilin Medical College Hospital No. 15, Lequn Road, Guilin 0773-2888120
Hospital for traditional Chinese Medicine No. 2, Lingui Road, Guilin 0773-2800120
Nanxishan Hospital No. 46, Chongxin Road, Guilin 0773-3832683
Yangshuo People's Hospital No. 28, Chengzhong Road, Yangshuo County 0773-8822472
Longsheng People's Hospital No. 3, Shengyuan Road, Longsheng County 0773-7512324
Xing'an People's Hospital No. 70, Guishan Street, Xing'an County 0773-6222121
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