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Guangzhou Cosmetic Wholesale Market

Guangzhou Meibo City
Add: 121 W. Guangyuan Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong
The largest Professional cosmetic and beauty product wholesale market of Asian-Pacific area. It is one of the 12 commerce and trade key projects supported by Guangzhou governement. Guangzhou Meibo City has a total area of 50000 square meters for trade exhibition.

Guangzhou Meibo City holds regularly Fair for beauty and cosmetic products in spring and autumn every year. You will find all well-known brand name cosmetics made in China and famous brand name products from Europe, America and Southeast Asia. Guangzhou Meibo Fair attracts manufacturers and distributors, resellers from all over the world. Various types of beauty salon cosmetics and related products of special exhibitions will be held irregularly. Guangzhou Meibo City has become an effective bridge between suppliers and users.,,
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