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Dinning in Canton

Throughout the world, the city of Guangzhou is famous for its particular brand of food, known universally as Cantonese cuisine. In Guangzhou itself, tourists can naturally sample native Cantonese cuisine the way it was meant to be prepared. It is an absolute heavenly experience.

In China, Cantonese cuisine is regarded among the top three culinary delights that the country has to offer. There are four things that best characterize Cantonese cuisine. These are its unique blend of color, taste, fragrance and presentation.

Guangzhou delicacies are the main representatives of Yue Cai (Cantonese Cuisine), which includes Guangzhou dishes, Chaozhou dishes and Dongjiang dishes and enjoys great popularity all over the country. Guangzhou cuisine uses a wide range of ingredients from the sky, the earth, and the water. They also use seasonings sparingly. Compared with other Chinese cuisines, Guangzhou dishes use few thick spicy dressings in order to keep from masking the original taste of the food.

The most famous dishes of Guangzhou cuisine are Roast Suckling Pig (Kao Ru Zhu), Dragon Fighting against the Tiger (Long Hu Dou) - stewed snake and wild cat, Taiye Chicken (Taiye Ji) and Stewed Wild Dog Meat.

Cantonese dim sum ranks the best in the whole country. Exquisitely made dim sums attract your eyes and stomach.
Shuang Pi Nai (Double-Skin Milk)

Jidi Zhou (Jidi Porridge)

Yuntun Mian (Wonton Noodle):

Chang Fen (Steamed Vermicelli Roll)

Guiling Gao

Fruits: fruits are not in short supply in Guangzhou. Litchi, mangos, bananas, carambola, longans and pineapples come into the market in season.

Famous Cantonese Restaurants
(1) Guangzhou Jiujia (Guangzhou Restaurant)
Wenchang Branch Address: No.2, Wenchang Road (South), Guangzhou
Tiyudong Branch Address: No.112, Tiyu Road (East), Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Binjiangxi Branch Address: No.20, Binjiang Road (West), Guangzhou

(2) Taotao Ju Jiujia (Taotao Ju Restaurant)
Address: No.20, Dishifu Road, Guangzhou

(3) Lianxiang Lou (Liangxiang Resturant)
Address: No.67, Dishifu Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou

(4) Bing Sheng
Bingsheng Branch Address: No.33, Dongxiao Road, Guangzhou
Wufeng Branch Address: No.438, Jiangnan Dadao (South), Guangzhou
Tiange Branch Address: No.168, Tianhe Road (East), Guangzhou

(5) Datong Jiujia (Datong Resturant)
Address: No.63, Yanjiang Road (West), Liwan District, Guangzhou

(6) Chuanguo Yanyi (Sichuan cuisine)
Address: 4/F, Nanfang Securities Tower, No.140-148, Tiyu Road (East), Tianhe District, Guangzhou

(7) Taoran Ju (Sichuan cuisine)
Address: No.368, Tianghe Road (North), Tianhe District, Guangzhou

(8) Tongxiang Hui (Hunan Cuisine)
Address: 3/F, Hongxiang Building, No.613, Tianhe Road (North), Tianhe District, Guangzhou

(9) Guangzhou Wumizhou (Cantonese Rice Porridge) (hot pot)
Address: Linle Road, Tianhe Road (North), Tianhe District, Guangzhou

Western Resturants
(1) La Seine Restaurant Francais
Address: 1/F, Xinghai Concert Hall, No.33, Qingbo Road, Ersha Island, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

(2) Les Trois Gros Bistro
Address: No.5, Xincheng Street (South), Tianhe Road (East), Tianhe District, Guangzhou

(3) Braxil Sunshine
Address: 1/F, Fangcao Yuan, No.569, Tianhe Road (North), Tianhe District, Guangzhou

(4) Tai Ping Guan
Address: No.342, Beijing Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

(5) Yi Fen Wu
Address: 702B of 7F, Taihe City Plaza, No.208, Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

(6) 37o2 Paradise
Address: No.7, Tiansheng Cun, Huanshi Road (East), Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

(7) Paris Jie French Restaurant
Address: No. 110, Bao Lin Yuan, Huajiu Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

Vegetarian Restaurants
(1) Lianhua (Lotus) Vegetarian Restaurant
Address: No.76, Jianghui Road

(2) Shangshi Zhai Vegetarian Restaurant
Address: No.38, Jinghui Road, next to the Guangxiao Si (Bright Filial Piety Temple)

(3) Buddhism World Vegetarian Restaurant
Address: Niunaichang Street, Tongfu Road (middle), Haizhu District, Guangzhou,
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