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Xian Xianyang International Airport

Xi'an Xianyang International Airport covering 5 square kilometers, it is the largest airport in China's northwest. Because of the Chinese western expansion, travelers and cargo flow increased rapidly. The airport was the hub of China Northwest Airlines until in 2002 the company was merged into China Eastern Airlines. Currently, the airport connects to 79 other cities domestically and internationally.

Xian Xianyang International Airport
Xian Xianyang International Airport

In 2008, the airport handled 11,921,919 passengers, which made itself the busiest airport in northwest China and the 9th busiest nationwide. Xi'an Xianyang International Airport was also the 15th busiest airport in terms of cargo traffic and the 9th busiest airport by traffic movements. Phase 1 of Xi'an Xianyang International Airport was built in August 1987, and was finished and opened in September, 1991. Phase 2 started in August 2000, and was finished on September 16, 2003. Also, in 2007, the airport signed an agreement to do trading with Pittsburgh International Airport in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, creating the "Air silk road."

Another RMB7.592 billion invested project is scheduled to be established by 2020. It will build a third 170,000-square-meter terminal building; a second 3,800-meter runway; and related support facilities. After expansion, the airport will reach 26 million passengers annually, and will become the fourth Chinese airport with independent parallel operation of instrument runways.

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