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Beijing Road Pedestrain Street

Beijing Road located in the city center and it  is the busiest pedestrian street in Guangzhou. Beijing Road Pedestrian Shopping Street is an ideal place for customers and tourists to do shopping at weekend and holidays. There are supermarkets, department stores, shopping malls, clothes shops, book stores, restaurants, sports goods shops, musical instrument stores and other shops. Most stores are open from 9 AM-10 PM. There is nearly one thousand stores selling home appliance, clothing, hats and shoes, glasses, sporting goods, scientific equipment, music instruments, books, photographic equipment, medicine, furniture, tea, ceramics, speciality, handicrafts, spices, antique and all kinds of gold and silver accessories etc. More than 40 single line shops, among which 8 shops are the biggest single line shops in the whole country, such as Beijing Road medication mall, Jianmin Medication Store, South Canton Sugar, Wine and Tobacco Store, Jiyazhai, Zhimeizhai, Yangtze Music Instrument Store, etc. 23 old and famous brands stores, nearly half of the whole city. The number of book stores, parks, cinemas, cultural palace ranks the first among the commercial areas in Guangzhou. And the cuisine industry is prosperous too. West dining rooms, Canton dishes restaurants and north style restaurants scattering here with their own special dishes. All the consumption desires can be fully satisfied here. Beijing Road in Guangzhou is a busy place with shoppers packing both sides of the road, and an array of neon lights dazzling your eyes.

The Beijing Road is not only imbued with strong commercial atmosphere, but also rich in cultural details. Six historical relics of over 1,000 years are found here: One-Thousand-Year-Old Street, One-Thousand-Year-Old Building, The Site of the Nanyue Kingdom Palace, Water Gate of the West Han Dynasty, Shipbuilding workshop of the Qin Dynasty and the One-thousand-year-old Temple-the Big Buddha Temple.,
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