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Tibetan Festival Calendar

With the profound impact of Tibetan Buddhism in Tibet, festivals have strong religious and minority charateristics. Tibet has many unique festivals like Saga Dawa, Shotun, Death anniversary of Tsongpa which helps tourists for better understanding on Tibetan culture and customs.

List Of Festivals Dates in tibetan calendar In 2010
Tibetan New Year (Losar) 1-3 of the 1st lunar month Feb 14
Monlam Prayer Festival 4-11 of the 1st lunar month Feb 18-24
Butter Lamp/ Choe-Nga Choepa 15th of the 1st lunar month Feb 28
Saga Dawa 15th of the 4th lunar month May 27
Gyantse Horse Race 14-18th of 4th lunar month May 27-30
Thanka Unveiling At Tashilhunpo 15th of the 5th lunar month June 26
Gaden Thanka Unveiling 15th of 6th lunar month July 25
Shoton Festival 30th of the 6th lunar month Aug 10-15
Nagchu Horse Race Aug 10-16
Lithang Horse Race Aug 1-3
Lhabab Dhechen 22nd of the 9th lunar month Oct 29
Palden Lhamo Festival 15th of the 10th lunar month Nov 21
Gaden Nga-Choe 25th of the 10th lunar month Dec 1
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