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Dinning in Tibet

Tibet has unique food and drink due to its highland climate, religious beliefs, and distinctive ethnic customs. Among the great variety of Tibetan food, tsampa and buttered tea are the most popular.

Buttered Tea
Tibetan butter tea, PO CHA, is a beloved Tibetan drink. Not only is it delicious, but it can warm even the coldest winter nights. In Tibet, the process of making butter tea takes a long time and is pretty complicated. People use a special black tea that comes from an area called Pemagul in Tibet. The tea comes in bricks of different shapes, and we crumble off some tea and boil it for many hours. We save the liquid from the boiling and then whenever we want to make tea, we add some of that liquid, called ChaKu, to our boiling water.

The staple food of Tibetan people is Zanba, a kind of dough made with roasted highland Gingke barley flour and yak butter with water. Method of making: grind the roasted Highland Barley into flour, and mix it with ghee. It is similar to parching wheat flour in northern China. People in northern China grind the wheat into flour before parching it, but Tibetan people do the opposite. They roast the Barley seeds before grinding them into flour. What's more, Tibetan people do not remove the husk of the Barley.

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