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Tibet Transportation

With the transportation network development in Tibet, railway, road, air transportation are very convenient nowadays. Going by train is still the most popular way to enter Tibet.

transport by Land
The main highways to Tibet are the Chengdu-Lhasa, 2,330 kilometers long; the Xining-Golmud-Lhasa, 1,907 kilometers long. The average elevation of this highway is above 4,000 meters, running through the mountains of Kunlun and Tanggula; the Yecheng-Burang, 1,455 kilometers. This highway is the highest highway in the world, passing through five mountains above 5,000 meters high. The highest mountain is 6,035 meters above sea level; the Xiaguan- Markam, 800 kilmetrs long; abd tge Lhasa-Zham Friendship Bridge-Kathmandu, 900 kilometers. Every day, two buses shuttle between Germu and Lhasa. They start from Germu at eight in the morning and arrive in Lhasa the next afternoon.

transport by air
Lhasa airport (Gonga Airport) directly links with 7 cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, xian, Guangzhou, Kunming. And there is an international flight between Lhasa, Tibet and Kathmandu (capital of Nepal).

Lhasa Gonga Airport is located in Gonga County in South East of Lhasa with 100 km to Lhasa city. There are airport shuttles running from Gonga Airport to Lhasa every day.

transport by Railway
Passenger trains run from Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Xining and Lanzhou.
To Lhasa
train No Dep. Time Arr. Time travel Time Distance
T27 Beijing 21:30 18:38 45h8m 4064/km
T22/T23 Chengdu 20:59 17:02 44h3m 3360/km
T222/T223 Chongqing 19:55 17;02 45h7m 3654/km
T264/T265 Guangzhou 12:19 18:58 54h39m 4980/km
T164/T165 Shanghai 19:52 20:48 48h56m 4373/km
K917 Xining 14:56 15:40 24h44m 1972/km
K9801 Xining 14:56 15:40 24h44m 1972/km
T22/T23 Xining 16:19 17:02 24h43m 1972/km
T222/T223 Xining 16:19 17:02 24h43m 1972/km
T27 Xining 18:08 18:38 24h30m 1972/km
T264/T265 Xining 19:05 18:08 24h43m 1972/km
T164/T165 Xining 19:40 20:48 25h8m 1972/km
K9811 Xining 22:40 21:50 23h10m 1972/km
K917 Lanzhou 12:15 15:40 27h25m 2188/km
T22/T23 Lanzhou 13:32 17:02 27h30m 2188/km
T222/T223 Lanzhou 13:32 17:02 27h30m 2188/km
T27 Lanzhou 15:21 18:38 27h17m 2188/km
T264/T265 Lanzhou 16:19 18:58 26h39m 2188/km
T164/T165 Lanzhou 16:46 20:48 28h2m 2188/km
From Lhasa
train No Dep. Time Arr. Time travel Time Distance
T28 Beijing 09:20 07:34 46h16m 4064/km
T24/T21 Chengdu 13:10 07:57 42h47m 3360/km
T224/T221 Chongqing 13:10 08:36 43h26m 3654/km
T266/T263 Guangzhou 12:25 18:58 54h33m 4980/km
T166/T163 Shanghai 09:50 11:15 49h25m 4373/km
K918 Xining 07:45 07:40 23h55m 1972/km
K9802 Xining 07:45 07:40 23h55m 1972/km
T24/T21 Xining 13:10 11:28 22h18m 1972/km
T224/T221 Xining 13:10 11:28 22h18m 1972/km
T28 Xining 09:20 09:59 24h39m 1972/km
T266/T263 Xining 12:25 10:54 22h29m 1972/km
T166/T163 Xining 09:50 10:26 24h36m 1972/km
K9812 Xining 16:35 16:25 23h50m 1972/km
K918 Lanzhou 07:45 10:19 26h34m 2188/km
T24/T21 Lanzhou 13:10 14:00 24h50m 2188/km
T224/T221 Lanzhou 13:10 14:00 24h50m 2188/km
T28 Lanzhou 09:20 12:34 27h14m 2188/km
T266/T263 Lanzhou 12:25 13:26 24h1m 2188/km
T166/T163 Lanzhou 09:50 13:01 27h11m 2188/km

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