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Beijing Musilim Restaurants

There are many Muslim Restaurants in Beijing. The follow is a list of Beijing dining information about famous Muslim cuisine restaurants in Beijing.

Donglaishun Muslim Restaurant(Xinjiekou Branch)
The hot-pot is a traditional brass pot with a wide outer rim around a chimney and a charcoal-burner underneath.
Address: Xicheng District No.99, Beidajie, Xinjiekou, Beijing

Donglaishun Muslim Restaurant(Xindong'anBranch)
Donglaishun Muslim Restaurant was supposed to have three particular ingredients for its success.
Address: Dongcheng District No.138, Wangfujing Street, Beijing

Donglaishun Muslim Restaurant(Wangfujing Branch)
The sauce is prepared personally by the diner byselecting from a few dozen kinds to suit his/her own taste.
Address: Dongcheng District No.198, Wangfujing Street, Beijing

Donglaishun Muslim Restaurant(Shijingshan Branch)
One was the fineness with which it sliced the lamb, another was that it bred its own sheep to a
particular balance of meat and fat, and the third the customer's own skill in mixing his sauce.
Address: Shijingshan District 1F, west of Bajiao Xijie street, Beijing

Donglaishun Muslim Restaurant(Fangshan Branch)
Address: Fangshan District No.46, Yanfang Road, Beijing

Istanbul Muslim Restaurant
Address: Chaoyang District No.7B, Xiushui S. St, Beijing

Xinjiang Red Rose Restaurant
Sit down for a plate of their excellent dapanji (chicken with handmade noodles and vegetables), roast goat or the ever-popular lamb kebabs at this boisterous place where song and dance routines may just get you out of your seat. It's overpriced for the fare, but it's still a good place to take visitors for a lively evening. Perfect for watching beautiful Uigher dancing girls. Open 11am-11pm.
Address: Dongcheng District No.7 , Xingfu Yicun, Sanlitun, Beijing

Xinjiang Islamic Restaurant
Opened by the Beijing office of the Xinjiang provincial government. The main dining area is a
large open hall that recalls a cafeteria.
Address: Xicheng District No.7 , Sanlihe Road, Beijing

Crescent Moon Muslim Restaurant
The Crescent Moon, which is tucked away down a hutong, is the real deal, owned and staffed by Uighurs, and it's possibly the best Xinjiang joint in town.
Address: Dongcheng District No.16, Dongsi Liutiao, Beijing

Xiangda Turpan Restaurant
Address: Xuanwu District No.6, Niu St., Beijing

BLCU Muslim Restaurant
A long-time favorite of foreign students on BLCU campus craving something other than college cafeteria fare.
Address: Haidian District In the campus of Beijing Langauge and Culture University, Haidian District, Beijing

XiLaiShun Restaurant
Address: 116 Beixinhua Street, He Ping Men,Xicheng District,Beijing

Suitable for business dinners and banquets,VIP lounges,Reservation Policy,Traditional Brand.
Address: 11 Zhanlanguan Road,Xicheng District, Beijing

Afunti Restaurant
When Afunti says dinner with a show, they mean it. With a never-ending lineup of belly dancers, snake charmers and Shaolin hip-hop kung fu (that's right), this is not a place for quiet dinner conversation. Dapanjii, and the succulent kebabs are highly recommended.Open 11am-11pm.
Address: 188 Chaonei Dajie,Dongsishitiao,opposite old Foreign,Ministry, Beijing

Muslim SiHeYuan Restaurant
Address: 53 Shuangyushu Road (N), Haidian District, Beijing

Ganges Restaurant
Authentic Indian food can be considered an equal to the finest cuisines of the world. Sharing the wide variety and exquisite tastes of Indian food with customers, and have created a menu that covers the best in Indian food - from Northern India to Southern India, as well as the latest from the exciting fusion style of modern Mumbai. Its fusion approach is continued in the decoration of our restaurant - a mixture of traditional and modern influences designed to allow customers to experience the India of today.
Address: Building S9 3-1, The Village, 19 Sanlitun Road, Sanlitun, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Tandoor Restaurant
Address: 1/ F, 2 Zhaolong Hotel, Gong Ti Road (N), Chaoyang District, Beijing

India Kitchen
India Kitchen, a family-style restaurant, offers a delicious menu of authentic Indian cuisine in fine dining. Our staff offers friendly service while serving delicious Indian dishes, from curry to kabobs! You can either dine-in, take-out or cater your choice of dishes. Our food, philospohy and our decor are all inspired by India and its diverse culture, our restaurant is conceptualized with an idea to have all the best dishes Indian cuisine can offer.
India Kitchen means taste - Taste and quality is what we offer. Serving food that suits your taste buds is our motto.
India Kitchen serves food that would satisfy any palate. Choice of different south and north Indian cuisines food is served, keeping in view that this food should be cooked to varied palates, mildly spiced to real spicy food lovers. Food is cooked fresh, using the best quality ingredients available in the market. Meat served is halal. Some traditional ingredients are been imported from India to capture natural flavors.
Emphasis has been laid on different colors, textures and spice load. Assorted meats and vegetarian dishes are included in the menu. Our menu features popular South Indian as well as North Indian dishes.
Address: 2/F, 2 Sanlitun Beixiaojie, Beijing,,
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