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Mosques (Masjid) in Guilin

Though there were 17 mosques in Guilin in history, many Guilin Mosques were destroyed and currently there are 6 mosques in Guilin for its 9000 Muslims. With Muslim communities nearby, Mosques in Guilin are located near hills and gardens of Guilin's picturesque landscape. Decorated with Arabic style inside, mosques of Guilin have traditional Chinese architectures from outside. Muslims settled down in Guilin long time ago. Historical records showed that a Muslim family of Bai migrated to Guilin in the Ming Dynasty. The most famous mosque in Guilin is Chongshan Road Mosque covering a floor space of 1218 square meters. Chongshan Road Mosque was built during Emperor Qianlong's rein (1735-1796) in the Qing Dynasty. Though it has been renovated for quite a few times in history, the current architecture of Chongshan Road Mosque still resembles its original style of early Qing period. The Maping Street Mosque is located under the Elephant Hill on the east bank of Li River. It looks grandeurs and solemn with green glazed roof tiles, white walls set against the beautiful landscape of Seven Star Park. Other mosques in Guilin include Ancient Mosque, Guilin Female Mosque, Xixiang Mosque, Luojin Mosque which is in Yongfu County, Liutang Mosque and Wutong Mosque which are located in Lingui County. Guilin Mosque (Masjid) Guide
Guilin Mosque (Masjid) Guide
Guilin Mosque Guilin Ancient Mosque
Add:No.30, Minzu Road, Xiangshan District, Guilin
Location: Near Guilin Bravo Hotel
Guilin Mosque Guilin Chongshan Mosque
Add:Chongshan Street, Guilin
Location: Near Islamic Restaurant,
Guilin Mosque Guilin Maping Mosque
Add:inside the Seven Star Park
Location: in Seven Star Park
Guilin Mosque Guilin Liutang Mosque
Add:Lingui County, Guilin
Location: in the Suburbs of Guilin
Guilin Mosque Guilin Female Mosque
Add:Xicheng Road, Guilin
Location: Near Islamic Restaurant
Guilin Mosque Guilin Xixiang Mosque
Add:,Xixiang, Zhengyang Road, Guilin
Guilin Mosque
Guilin Luojin Mosque
Add:Luojin town,Yongfu County, Guilin
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