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Chongqing Sightseeing


Dazu Grottoes

The Dazu Rock Carving is located in the southeast of the Sichuan Basin, 271 kilometers away from the west of Chengdu, 167 kilometers away from the east of Chongqing. The Dazu Rock Carving lies in Dazu County, which is 167 kilometers away from the urban area of Chongqing city.

People Liberation Monument

Overview Chongqing People's Liberation Monument was built in 1945 to commemorate the victory over the Japanese in WWII. It was renamed in 1950 to commemorate the Communist conquest of the area. It is in a large pedestrian shopping plaza that is in the Yuzhong District that is regarded as the commercial cente...

Ciqikou Old Town

This lively old area has been partly restored, and remains an authentic and busy community. The old wooden houses and narrow streets furthest from the river are mostly unimproved, closer to the river there are craft and souvenir shops, teahouses and music, and lots of local food and snacks. The locals certainly love their foods this is a good chance to try some.

General Stillwell Museum

No.130 of Jian She Xin Cun ( originally No.3 of Jianling Xin Cun) in Chongqing, was once used by the National Government as the house for distinguished guests. After General Joseph W. Stilwell's arrival in Chongqing on March 4, 1942, the place was made his headquarters and residence. Every time when he came t...


Chao-tian-men is one of those 10 gates along the river to the southeast of downtown. Here is the lowest point of the city; the elevation is only 160 M in dry season. Jia-ling River comes from the left side which is also a long river over 1119 km. In flood season when Jia-ling joins Yangtze the meeting point looks so clear for the water in Jia-ling River is much cleaner than Yangtze.

Goose Neck Park

Very popular with the locals who come here to enjoy the gardens, play Mahjohngg, make music or just relax. Nice views over the river and Chongqing, there are also a number of interesting buildings and former Embassies in the grounds, plus an enormous long painting of the Yangtze.

Three Gorges Museum

China Three Gorges Museum is situated at the west part of the People's Square of Chongqing . Occupying the area of 30,000 square meters,the museum was completed and opened to the public on Jun 18 , 2005 with the construction area of 42,500 square meters.It was the first large museum with the title of " China " named by the State Council Office of the People's Republic of China beyond Beijing.
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