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Yangshuo Travel Guide

Yangshuo lies in the northeast of Guangxi Province and about 66 km to the south of Guilin City. Stretching along the west bank of the Li River, Yangshuo is still a small rural town, with a population of 32,000, but it's developing fast as a tourist resort and sees hordes of Chinese and overseas visitors all year round. Its special geography gives it breath-taking beauty, while over 1,400 years of history bless it with a deep traditional culture.

Climatic Features:
There is a sub-tropical climate with temperate weather all the year round, 1,465 hours of sunlight annually and 300 days frost-free; neither too hot in summer nor too cold in winter.

West Street:
Streets in Yangshuo are well kept in the original style, presenting the simple and primitive atmosphere of the ancient town. The locals call West Street the 'Global Village'. There are not only many foreign tourists, but also quite a number of foreign residents managing caf? and restaurants. The exotic flavor, combined with the traditional culture, make West Street world famous.

Yangshuo also attracts tourists with its delicious specialty foods, such as Beer Fish, Niang dishes and special snacks including rice noodles and various glutinous rice cakes. The local specialties such as the Shatian Shaddocks, the kumquats and the Chinese chestnuts are worth tasting as well. If you want to buy some souvenirs, painted fans, embroidered balls, and painted shirts are all good choices.

The famous Li River traverses some of the most beautiful scenery in the county. Along the pristinely pure river, thousands of uniquely shaped hills rise, such as Moon Hill, Mural Hill and Schoolboy Hill. Schoolboy Hill is the natural stage of the world famous opera 'Impression Liu Sanjie'. Sanjie Liu is a mythical singer in Zhuang minority group legend. Big Banyan, a huge tree with a history of over 1,400 years, is said to be the place where her love story happened. The 'Little Li River'- the Yulong River is a heavenly cruise because of its green hills, silky water and ancient bridges. You can also go to Xanadu, a primitive and tranquil minority village full of folk culture.

There's also the opportunity to study traditional arts and participate in adventure activities such as climbing and kayaking. Most importantly, this pretty little town still has immediate access to some of the most beautiful countryside in China, maybe the world. Travelling by bike is the first choice for Chinese and foreign tourists in Yangshuo. It is popular among tourists regardless of age or social standing.,,
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