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Yangshuo Weather and Climate

Yangshuo Weather and Climate

Spring in Yangshuo
Spring is a nice time of a year to visit Yangshuo. It starts to warm up in March. The day temperature can be chilly but the temperature goes up to a pleasant 20'C (70'F) from April to May. It's sunny and warm, but not too humid. Typically it is dry and although there's occasionally a shower, this is the time of the year when Yangshuo's limestone mountains show its real beauty, as well as the flowers bloom and the sun sparkles on the waterlogged rice fields. The mountains look like paradise under the clear skies and sunshine. It makes doing long cycle rides and hikes much more comfortable. The landscape is bursting with new plant life of course, so it's a beautiful time to explore the countryside. Also, it's a good time to visit Longsheng although expect it to be a little cooler there because of the higher altitude.

Summer in Yangshuo
Around the end of May, the beginning of the rainy season which lasts into the middle of June usually. The Summer really begins in June in Yangshuo. And the weather becomes increasingly humid peaking in temperature in July and August. With temperatures in between 25'C (80'F) to about 38'C (100'F) it can be hot and humid. Air-conditioning and fans are essential in this period. If you are sensitive to the sun, make sure to wear a hat and apply sun block regularly before going out for hiking or biking. The best thing to do in Yangshuo during this period is to take a swim in the Yu Long River nearby our Yangshuo hotel or explore one of the caves and have a swim in an underground pool.

Autumn in Yangshuo
Autumn is one of the best time to visit Yangshuo, and this good Yangshuo weather continues in October. The gloomy weather starts coming in November with the temperature only really starting to drop significantly. It does usually become a little overcast from November, although there isn't usually much rain at this time of year, the temperature is moderate at 20'C (70'F) but drops in December to about 5'C to about 15'C (40'F to 60'F). It's nice to those who prefer cooler weather, good for going biking, hiking and rock climbing around Yangshuo. But please note, it can be a little chilly in the evening and morning, so bring a warm jumper in case.

Winter in Yangshuo
Winter temperatures in Yangshuo can average 8 degrees but with generally very little rain the sky can be clear and temperature in the sun can reach as high as 18 degrees. It is not the time to enjoy Yangshuo at its best. The somber dark days do not make you want to go out and explore. But it is certainly the time when Yangshuo is quiet and the sun shimmers off the crystal clear water of the rivers. This time of year is often preferred by many visitors as there are less tourists.
Month Average High( F) Average High ( C) Average Low ( F) Average Low ( C) Rain(in) Rain(mm)
January 52/55 11/13 39/44 4/6 2.0/2.1 50/55
February 53/56 12/14 42/46 6/8 3.4/3.5 85/90
March 60/64 16/19 49/53 10/12 5.0/5.1 125/130
April 71/75 21/23 58/62 15/18 10.0/10.1 250/255
May 79/84 26/29 66/70 19/21 14.0/14.1 355/360
June 85/89 30/32 72/76 22/25 13.5/13.6 340/345
July 89/93 32/34 75/79 24/27 8.7/8.8 220/225
August 90/93 32/35 74/78 23/25 6.8/6.9 170/175
September 85/89 30/32 30/32 21/23 3.0/3.1 75/80
October 76/80 25/27 61/65 16/18 3.5/3.6 85/90
November 66/71 19/21 52/55 11/13 2.7/2.8 70/75
December 57/60 14/16 43/46 6/8 1.8/1.9 45/50
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