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Yangshuo Dining and Restaurants

Yangshuo is just a small county with a population of 30,000 only. But it is a great place to enjoy dishes from all over the world and from any region in China. Yangshuo local traditional dishes and snacks are also very delicious and well-known world wide. The follows is a list of the most famous Yangshuo dishes.

Beer Fish
It is probably the most symbolic dish of Yangshuo. Live carp from the Li River is fried before stewed after several seasonings such as local beer, chili, agarics and tomatoes are usually added. The dish not only looks good, but also tastes delicious and tender with a hint of spiciness, yet remains a little sweet.

Niang Dishes
"Niang" is a Chinese name in Pinyin, expresses using unique cooking method of combining various ingredients for stuffing (usually consisting of meat or egg) into a type of carrier (made of vegetables or bean products), then braising, boiling or frying them together. There are quite a lot varieties of Niang dishes, among which the most delicious is the Tianluo Niang. Select some paddy field snails shell and put the meat into the shells together with other seasonings such as ginger, mint and pork. Finally stir-fry them together. This dish smells savory and unique tastes.

Lipu Kourou
This dish is made using the taros from Lipu, streaky pork and other spices. Fry the taros and streaky pork in the oil separately and place them alternately in a bowl, then braise them together. After both the taros and pork are cooked, reverse the bowls and leave them lying on a plate. In Chinese, Kou just means 'reverse' or 'upside down', hence the name of the dish. The dish always has a golden color and tastes fluffy and tender but not greasy.

Guilin Rice Noodles
The round or flat rice noodles.,
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