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Yangshuo Travel Tips

Yangshuo is one of the most beautiful counties in Guilin. Tourists can easily obtain Yangshuo tour information like attractions, hotel information, restaurants and many other tourist information from the internet or tour guide book of variours kinds, or even get those mentioned information from Yangshuo tour maps. In this artical we want to stress some most practical information that tourists should know to plan for their Yangshuo tour activities.

How to Select a Yangshuo Hotel or Hostel
We recommend tourists to select a hotel or hostel in downtown area. Yangshuo is a very little county with a population of 30,000. The public transportation is not very develop, and the urban lighting system is poor in Yangshuo. Tourists may meet many problems if they select a hotel or hostel 3 km away from downtown area. It is really inconvient for tourists to attent day time activities, and situations will be worse in the evening. Of cause, safty is the top important factor for the tourists to select a hotel.

We also notice that there are many hotel advertisments on the internet, especially some riverside resorts or mountain villas. Their rooms are good, the view is perfet and their prices look very reasonable. Still we must point out that tourists should consult a map carefully before tbey book and prepay. Again, transportation and safty are the main question should be considered. And the hidden cost could also be one important factor that tourists should not neglect. Some hotels in remote area sell their room at a very low price, like 200 or 300 rmb per night, or even very low price, but they sell their breakfast at a price over 100 rmb per person. If you select a hotel like this, you have almost no other choices, all restaurants and canteens are many kilo meters away.

How to plan your Yangshuo tour
Tourists should consult Yangshuo maps and Guilin tour maps carefully before they plan for their Yangshuo trips. This is the most important thing before planning. A Yangshuo tour map can help you to decide how to get there, select a hotel in Yangshuo, and your travel routes. Consult your plan with a travel agency in Guilin or Yangshuo can also be great help for you to design your Yangshuo tour arrangement. Generally, plans recommended by local travel agencies are practical and economical.

Security risks of some activities in Yangshuo
We should point out that tourists should be aware of that there are risks in many activities in Yangshuo.
Swimming and banboo rafting: don't forget to wear a life jacket

Cycling in Yangshuo: tourists should be carefull when cycling in Yangshuo, for the major Yangshuo attractions scatter along both sides of State Road 321, the traffic is busy and the road is narrow.

Yangshuo photography tour: Tourists should be aware of the risks when taking photos on the riversides and on the mountains in Yangshuo, especially in the rainy seasons, it is sleppery at that time.

Hiking in summer: tourists should notice that there are snakes, mosquitos and other harmfull insects in the countrysides.

Other Useful Information:
Useful numbers:
Fire alarm: 119
Police: 110
Ambulance: 120
Transportation Accidents: 122
Telephone Number Inquiry: 114
Weather Forecast: 121
Consumer complaint: 12315
Tour Information Consultation: 0773-5810338

Medical Care
Yangshuo People's Hospital: No. 28, Chengzhong Road, Yangshuo Town

Addresses of Post Offices
N0. 28, Pantao Road, Yangshuo Town
North Town Street, Fuli Town
No. 6, Rongtan Street, Xingping Town

In Yangshuo, you can find many kinds of banks including Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of

China as well as China Industrial and Commercial Bank. With the credit cards issued by these banks, you can draw

money from the ATMs 24 hours a day. For currency exchange, you will need to go to the Bank of China.

Addresses of some branches of Bank of China in Yangshuo County
No.11, Binjiang Road
No. 117, West Street

Banks in Guilin
China Agricultural Development Bank, Guilin Branch( No. 10, Sanduo Road, Guilin, 2815294)
China Agricultural Bank, Guilin Branch(No. 476, Mid Zhongshan Road, Guilin, 2836068).
Bank of China, Guilin Branch, North Zhongshan Road Subbranch(North Zhongshan Road, 2605414).

Along West Street, there are many public telephones available. The signal for mobile cellular phones is quite clear

in the county and along the Li River. However,in the mountain and valley areas, the signal can be poor. It's a good idea tocarry a supply of phone cards.

Internet bars are densely scattered in and around the county, especially the West Street. The charge ranges from CNY2 to CNY5 according to the facilities and locations of the bars. For example, the bars on West Street often charge more than those outside of the street. You also have access to the internet inmany hotels and cafes in the county.,
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