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China Tour Suggestions and Cautions

China Travelling Tips

China is the biggest country in Asia, while it has the most population in the world. In a decade, both the long history and the huge changes caused by the rapidest economic growth attract tens of thousands of foreign tourists to China. However, some problems were reflected on the travelling trip. The following are the suggestions we advise.

1. Before the trip: fully prepared
(1) It's necessary to plan before the trip, and put it on the schedule. Anyhow, it's better to plan previously than make the decision casually.

(2) Chinese travelling industry is quite developed. Every year, there are a substantial number of people from both abroad and native travelling in china. Thus, in certain time (generally, Chinese Spring Festival, National Day Holiday, July-Aug), the accommodation and tickets for railway or airplane are often in short supply. Therefore, it's quite necessary to book previously or prepay to ensure your trip smoothly.

(3) Through the help of travel agencies and guides, the problems of ordinary life and obstacles between the different languages on the trip can be solved usually. However, it's suggested that tourists bring along some medicine in common use, especially for the people who have special needs, such as heart trouble or other acute disease. Because seeing doctor in china, even with interpretation of the guide, there are still some obstacles of language communication.

(4)Try to get a English speaking tour guide at every opportunity you can. China has a rich and wonderful history and culture and without a guide, somehow, the flavour and significance of most tour sites can be lost.

2. On the trip: ensure one self's security
(1) Try to get an English-speaking tour guide or travel in a group with one.
China is a big country with a long history and a vivid culture. In some historical scenes, for example, the Forbidden City, a foreign tourist will hardly understand the deep meanings of a huge amount of details belonging to the buildings.

(2) Do not hire the local guide without the formal travel license.
In some famous traveling counties, such as Lijiang in Yunnan and Yangshuo in Guangxi, there are usually plenty of local guides who work without formal tour guide license. Refuse them when they offering much cheaper price, because they often failed to provide the service promised.

(3) Always ask for a receipt from a taxi driver so that you can complain if you have been cheated or for tracing purposes if you happen to leave your camera behind in the taxi.

(4) Try to take the name card of each hotel in which you are staying.
These cards have a Chinese address and a map showing your hotel location. This is useful when you are looking for the way back to the hotel, coz' the English version or pronunciation of a hotel or a street name may be quite different from the Chinese one.

(5) About taking pictures, do not photo or recording the scenes of funerals, riots and objection activities.

(6). Learn to bargain in China.
Shopping in China, bargain is necessary. In some special wholesale market, you may cut price to 70 percent off or 50 percent off. Take Beijing for example, Yaxiu Market (for clothes and Chinese traditional artificial works, near around Chaoyangmen Gate) and Dongwuyuan Clothes Market (near Xizhimen Gate) are such places worthy of being visited.

(7). Enjoy the Chinese feet massage.
The feet massage is fairly cheap in China, about RMB 50-100. It is terrific for the body after a tiring day. Simply look out for shop signs that show two feet! They are everywhere.

(8). Make friends with the Chinese whenever you can. They love to meet foreigners and will make good tour guides. Just buy a small present as a small token of appreciation.
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