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Baggage Regulations of CAAC

Baggage Regulations of CAAC

Passengers holding an adult fare or half fare ticket are entitled to check-in with a free baggage allowance of 40kg (88 pounds) for first class, and 30kg (66pounds) for business class, while20kg (44 pounds) for economy class. If your luggage is over the limitation, you will need to pay for the excess weight.

Tips: If you are traveling together in group, you can use your allowance together. For example, if you have 35kg, your friend have only 5kg, it will be fine as long as you two check in together. This method also applies to more people within one group, as long as you are checking in at the same time over the airport counter.

For the carry-on luggage, total weight of carry-on baggage for each passenger may not exceed 5kg (11 pounds). First class passengers may carry up to 2 pieces. All other passengers may carry on only one piece. The size may not exceed 20x40x55cm. Carry- on baggage in excess of the limit is subject to an excess baggage fee and must be carried as checked baggage.


Articles which can not be taken as baggage: flammable, explosive, corrosive, poisonous, radioactive and magnetized materials, and arms, sharp or lethal weapons as well.

Articles which cannot be packed in the checked baggage : important documents, classified materials, diplomatic mail bags, negotiable securities, currencies, money orders, valuables, vulnerable perishables and articles and other articles needed in the special custody of somebody. The carrier will not be liable for the loss of or damage to the aforementioned.

Articles which should be put in check-in baggage: knife, scissors and bottled or tinned alcohol/ wine. The checked baggage should be packed perfectly with a lock, toed up solidly and be able to withstand pressure to a reasonable extent. Carriers may refuse to accept for carriage if the baggage packing does not meet to the requirements.

The carrier will be liable to compensate for the loss of or damage to the checked baggage due to the carrier's fault. The norm of compensation shall not exceed RMB 50 yuan per kg. If the value of the baggage is less than RMB 50 yuan per kg, the amount of compensation shall be paid according to its actual value of the loss.

A passenger may declare the value of his baggage if the value of his checked baggage exceeds RMB 50 yuan per kg. Baggage declared value can not exceed the value of the current baggage. The maximum baggage declared value is RMB 8,000 yuan. Passengers and their baggage (including checked and carry-on baggage) are subject to the security inspection before boarding the aircraft.

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